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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is not Ripley's believe it or not !

How can it be that we claim to be christians yet deny that The lord makes available to us today the healing powers of Jesus Christ. I dont get it, throughout my Bible it teaches me of Jesus healing, the sick, the blind, raising the dead and yet today we deny that this is available to us. You only need spend some time in Matthew, Luke and John and right there in James specific instruction a how to of sorts. But ooh we wouldnt want to step that far out there would we? what might others think ? Im gonna tell you what comes to my mind oh ye of little faith and you do not believe because you do not see... And do not forget The Lord remains faithful forever and the Lord reigns forever and for ALL generations. The possibilities are endless and Gods promises and provisions spoken to us in his word just seem to keep going and going and going he is more than the energizer bunny my friend !!!

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