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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh those loaves and fishes

How many times have we wondered how we would make ends meet, as we added the bills then the paycheck came in and was not quite what was expected. Each and every time God provided, he was faithful ! In that we also need to look at those things that we can do without, those excesses that we splurge on but are not necessities, especially when lives change, there are times when we need to adjust our lifestyle.. We found many areas where we could save. What about you, where can you make changes and what areas in your life could use some budget cutting? We got rid of cable tv and our local phone, moved into a smaller home and got rid of that new car and bought a car for cash and changed our car insurance from full coverage to liability, stopped going out to eat and budgetted our grocery bill, turned the heat back 5 degrees and stopped getting the nails and hair done. With these changes we have saved a significant amount and our lives are much easier... While Bob was training which lasted 8 weeks we had checks for 73-75 dollars in the 8 weeks the largest check was 98 dollars, it was a scary time, but with God we made it, yes we had choices to make God turned that 73 dollars into enough to make it thru.. Thank goodness that is over for Jessica is busy planning her wedding, and you guessed it we get the bill, blessed to be her parents and God will provide, just like the loaves and the fishes

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