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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I knew God wanted me home

I knew God wanted me home this week, I took that literally, I am happy to help a daughter with her pet and have a day getting a bridesmaid dress, then dinner and a movie. The real message was you are needed at home ! Sometimes I find myself looking around seeking where I can serve and this week I need only look right here at home. There are loved ones in our immediate families who we need to share the love of Christ. I was fearful if that makes any sense, I guess its the rejection thing. As I think of it this little princess who was instrumental in leading my family to Christ at a very young age, attending AWANA and sharing with us all and we were attracted to the people and their lives and to see her now questioning if God is real and what she believes, then knowing I had to stand for JESUS! I should not fear anything for my God is with me and he will be the victor. I find myself being so foolish sometimes just like what we talked about in sunday school how those who were with Jesus and then doubted him and I have been with Jesus just like they were, no I didnt get to see him but we know that verse also.. Thank you Lord for standing with me, for we know where two or more are gathered you are their among us... Thank you for saving my daughter and bringing her back into the kingdom. Amen

I will speak it until it happens........

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