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Monday, January 24, 2011

Gone Fishin

What a message we recieved Sunday ! How are your fishin skills ? What kind of bait do you use ? what is a bad day fishin ? Do you catch and release , or do you keep and clean and make the fish you catch useful ? I recently caught a few fish, all three were quite messy and cleaning was not going to be an easy job, God prompted me I will seek him as to what my part will be in cleaning them. The first fish was washed with some fresh clean water and the mess seemed to start to clean away without a lot of work. The second fish however has a pretty tough skin and has been up many rivers that tossed it about and it is battered and bruised, may have to soak this fish in some fresh crisp water. The third fish needs just a little TLC and it should be Ok. I have gone fishin this week and as we all know fishing is rewarding, now I need a little relaxing. The catch is just the beginning with a little Love and a lot of God all three of these fish will be released.....God help me so I dont eat them !

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